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Cape Town’s printing company with a difference.

Ideal LOGOWe provide dynamic printing services that make our clients stand out from their competitors in terms of print advertising, which includes but is not limited to t-shirts, invoice books, vinyl signage and graphic designing. We take pride in our time consciousness, making us your most reliable print service provider: always delivering on time.

Our main purpose is to ensure that our clients get the highest quality print while still paying the best rates in the market. We have a dedicated sales team to make sure that they get exactly what they need in terms of printing without any hidden costs, and we are backed by a reliable team of suppliers who are Cape Town’s very best, in terms of quality as well as reliability.

Your main reason for wanting to see the best surgeon for brain surgery, or the best barber for a hair cut  would be because they are professionals in what they do and you believe they would do the job the best way possible. This is as opposed to just rushing to the first doctor or barber you see.  The printing industry is the same, so instead of rushing to the nearest printing company you find, or just passing on a different print job to your current printer, why don’t you leave your printing to “all round” professionals so that you can focus on doing what you do best, which is running your business.

In essence, we aim to make the process of advertising new and existing small to medium businesses much simpler, as well as less stressful.


Ideal Design & Print was started in February 2013 as Flavourite Marketing, when the founder, Nick Nehumba, was assisting an event manager with the marketing campaign for his upcoming Cape Town event. This led to a realization that not only the events management industry in Cape Town, but most small business owners face difficulties trying to get a reliable printing company to do their printing. Nick then investigated this opportunity in more detail and discovered that of all the printing companies he researched, they mainly specialized on one to three products (mostly one). The rest of the products they produced with their printing machines would increase their costs since different printing machines are designed for specific products only. It would cost more to produce a product which is not meant for the printer, hence the extra cost would then be transferred to the customers. That is where we came in.

We believe that as business owners or managers, the main objective of your business is to maximize profits, or in other words, the” bottom line” is all that matters. In order to maximize profits, you would have to either increase sales or minimize expenses.

In a way, we actually did both. Business owners/ managers could increase their sales, while still maintaining or increasing the value of their brand through marketing or advertising campaigns using high quality products. At the same time, they would be taking advantage of the research we had done over the past one and half years, cutting down on search time, and in some cases, they ended up paying even less, since we sometimes received our commission directly from our printing partners.

Our company has evolved over time, as we managed to procure our own t-shirt printing and vinyl signage equipment, hence we are now able to specialize on products we know we can never go wrong with when serving our clients. Unlike, before when we were print brokering ANY corporate branding products, we have now shifted our focus to just t-shirt / hoody printing, vinyl signage and graphic designing, which we do in house, as well as invoice /receipt books which we still outsource. Although, the books are outsourced, we still guarantee the best prices in the market. Besides the express service delivery of our book supplier, handling our products in-house not only allows us to give you the best prices, but also to provide supreme quality and service; since we now have more control over the production process, as well as the timeliness of order completion / service delivery.


Our vision is to be the leading print service provider in the Western Cape.

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