Screen printing t-shirts: the most efficient way to market your brand

By   July 23, 2017

Silk Screen Printing

screen printing

screen printing Cape Town

Screen Tshirt printing is the most cost effective way to get your brand out there. Not only is it cost effective in the short term, screen printing t-shirts also has a long term effect as the type of print is permanent. You can imagine the number of eyes that get to see your brand or logo during the life of the Tshirt. Once off effort in getting the shirts printed pays huge dividends over the lifetime of the tshirt : probably until it is torn.

Custom hoodies

Screen printed hoodies

Screen printing allows the inks to fuse with the tshirt during the curing process, and they become part of the T-shirt: smooth to the touch. This is unlike other types of tshirt printing where the print sits on top of the Tee, with the exception of sublimation printing,of course. Most clothing or t-shirt brands found in retail stores are actually screen printed and hence this gives

customers the perception that it is an “original” tshirt. Because of the long lasting / permanent  t shirt printing method: embroidered;screen; and vinyl printed tshirts are the most popular t-shirts used by clothing retailers as they are strong, long lasting tee prining types in that order.

T-shirt branding for companies

tshirt screen printing in Cape Town

Screen printed t shirts

When organizing your next garment branding campaign, put screen printing into consideration as it is the most affordable / lowest cost printing method, with high quality results. You or your company would get more bang for your buck. The only downside to this type of promotional printing is that there are high fixed set up costs involved. For this reason, screen printing is not suited for small order quantities. At Ideal Design & Print, our minimum order quantity for screen printed t-shirts is 25 t-shirts per design. Any quantities less than that can usually be done using vinyl tshirt printing. You or your company can even go the extra mile to purchase the screen(s). If you do so, the next time you want to order the same design of t-shirts, or if you want to change printing companies, there would be no need for paying another set up fee.

Screen printing quotation

Please bear in mind that a screen printing quote can only be made after viewing the

screen printing in cape town

Cape Town screen printers

artwork: it is difficult, if not impossible, to price off the bat. The importance of the artwork is mainly because the number of colours in the print determines how many screens will required. In essence, the more the colors in the design, the higher the set up costs. Because of the above mentioned reasons, there is no set price per number of tshirts requiring screen print. There are  as many tshirt screen printing quotes as there are T-shirt designs. Send us your ideas so we can see how best to help you.

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