When it comes to t-shirt printing and vinyl signage, a lot has to be put into consideration. It is not like walking into a store and coming out with a bunch of t-shirts or a couple of stickers.

With this in mind, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions and answers to make our customer experience better, faster, simpler, and more informative.

How much do you charge for stickers?


We do not have a set standard price for a particular sticker size, and hence the price actually depends on your particular sticker type, quantity, and size. Please specify what size you would like a quote on and how many stickers you want to be printed. Also, please specify whether the stickers would be transparent or have a background color, as well as, whether the artwork would be cut out or not. Information on the use of the stickers would also be helpful.

To find out more about vinyl stickers and decals, please click here

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What kind of artwork do you accept?

We accept high-resolution PDF or Jpeg files. The artwork should be in Pantone print colours or CMYK. We do not accept RGB colors as they represent reflective light therefore, due to different screen resolutions, the way an image appears on your screen may be very different from the color we actually print out. For slight adjustments, we may waive the design fee, but if there are major changes to be done, standard artwork charges apply. We charge R250 per hour for designing. If it is just setting up existing artwork to be print-ready, we charge R150 total per design. To avoid the above charges, please provide correct size high-resolution files. For slight adjustments we may waive the design fee, but if there are major changes to be done, standard artwork charges apply.

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FAQ.10285946_stdHow much do you charge for t-shirt printing?

Due to the different types of t-shirt printing and different tastes, t-shirt printing is very ambiguous. The price to print 1 t-shirt and 500 is completely different. The price for printing certain colors, eg, metallic colors, neon and glow in the dark colors would also be different from printing ordinary full color prints. For small orders, we would prefer to do a digital (full color) transfers, Direct To Garment prints or vinyl t-shirt printing.

Before we quote you for t-shirt printing, please answer the following:

How many t-shirts would you like printed?

Are we to supply the t-shirts or you supply?

Also, may you please specify the size of the print area, that is, A4 size, A5 size, pocket size etc.

How many colours would be in the print? If possible please send through the artwork.

For full color prints, what color(s) would the t-shirts be?

For more on small order t-shirt printing click here .

For large t-shirt orders, that is, anything above 50 t-shirts, a screen print would be the most suitable option, however, there are high fixed costs (screens and positives), but very low variable costs (Inks), and hence it has the lowest per unit print cost. It is limited, however, to the number of colors in an image, hence printing using this method takes longer as each color has to be printed separately. If you are interested in pricing, please respond to the above t-shirt printing questions, and most importantly, please provide the artwork before we supply you with a quote.  We can print up to 4 colors for screen printing. Anything more than that would require a Direct To Garment print, which is not very ideal for large quantities, as the unit print costs remain the same.

For more information about screen printing, please click here.

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Print sizes

When referring to vinyl signage, you can give the dimensions in length, width or diameter.

For T-shirts we use standard paper size measurements.

An A4 page size is the size of your “normal” everyday exercise books used in high school. Whether you hold an A4 page across your chest or along your torso, the price is still the same for an A4 Page.

Half of that size is an A5 size. If you fold an A5 size page in two, you get an A6 size which we normally refer to as a pocket size print.

With that in mind, an A3 size print is double the size of an A4 page.

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What are your opening times?

Our offices (and telephone lines) are open from 9am to 6pm weekdays. During weekends we are only open for payments and t-shirt drop offs/ collections. No actual work takes place on weekends.

Nevertheless, email correspondence is on a 24/7 basis, but there may be delays here and there if you send your emails during weekends or after hours.

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What is the expiration on an estimate?

All of our estimates are binding for fourteen days. If we don’t receive your order within that time, we may request a review of your project and may provide a slightly different estimate according to the availability of raw materials.

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When do you start working on my order?

As soon as we receive proof of 50% deposit payment to ensure commitment from your end.

We then start working on your design/ setting up the artwork, and processing your order.

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How do I pay for my order/ Which methods of payment does Ideal Design & Print accept?

We only get started working on your order upon receiving proof of deposit payment.You can do an EFT, or ATM deposit then send us proof via Whatsapp (+27 74 525 6059) or email (sales@idealdesignandprint.co.za)
You are also able to pay cash in person when dropping off your own tshirts to be printed.We do not have card machines, however, we can send a link for online credit/cheque card payments using Pay Fast.
We also accept Paypal and Bitcoin payments.Cash sending vouchers are also acceptable, such as FNB eWallet, Nedbank Send Imali and Standard Bank Instant Cash services.

What are your turnaround times?
1-2 working days for vinyl signage, vinyl T-shirt printing, and full-color transfer prints.
3-5 working days for screen printing.
10-15 working days for Direct To Garment t-shirt printing.
The graphic design varies depending on the type of design.

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Do you do deliveries?

We use a 3rd party courier company. It usually takes 1-2 working days from shipping, until you receive your package. For orders below 5kgs, we can deliver to anywhere in Cape Town for only R100. For other areas, weights and sizes please inquire.

Where are you located/ where can I collect my order?

We are located in Brackenfell, Western Cape. To be more precise, number 1 is Tiny Naude Street in Springbok Park.

Please bear in mind that this is a WEB-BASED business, where we operate in a printing workshop/office – it is NOT a walk-in shop.

Visits are strictly by appointment for collections, dropping off own t-shirts and testing t-shirt size makes / checking samples.

Otherwise, everything else can be handled on-line, through our different platforms.

To see our previous work, please refer to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages where we post on almost a daily basis.

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What is the turnaround time for an estimate?

Depending on the nature of your job, an estimate can be given within 24 hours, at most. Most estimates can be provided during your initial phone call or within hours of your request.

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If there is something we did not fully cover, please do not hesitate to send us an email or to call us for assistance.

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