T-shirt printing

printed t-shirtT-shirts are one of the most dynamic and diverse forms of corporate branding. Besides the business aspect, t-shirts have a sentimental value due to their nature, hence there is an emotional attachment with the person wearing the tee, especially if it makes them look good. Businesses use corporate t-shirts, not just for advertising, but to build employee moral, as people feel connected and there is a sense of belonging created when people wear the same brand t-shirt.

custom t-shirtOur Cape Town t-shirt printing clientele ranges from individuals to Small – Medium size Enterprises (SME’s) and social groups, such as church groups, school and  sports clubs, as well as, funeral / Memorial t-shirts (with a photo of deceased). Our individual custom t-shirt lovers  range from music fans wanting to print photos of their favourite band, to  those who print tshirts of loved ones and birthday t-shirts. Lest we forget comics who print funny tees funny t-shirts, as well as creative entrepreneurs who want to start a t-shirt label the cost effective way by outsourcing to a t-shirt printing company which guarantees quality at affordable prices.



T-shirt printing for businessesprinted tshirts

One t-shirt worn by an individual, depending on the artwork will cause heads to turn. Depending on the design, the t-shirt is likely to be seen by at least 60% of the people the wearer comes into contact with, from the moment they wear that t-shirt in the morning, until the time they remove it at night. This is a powerful yet cost effective branding strategy, as the people who see the t-shirt may become future potential customers, since they become more familiar with the brand the more they see your logo. Now as a business owner or manager, imagine what kind of impact that would have if you were to have your staff wearing your promotional t-shirts like uniforms.

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