Tear drop and other types of outdoor banners

By   April 19, 2015

Out door banners / flags

Outdoor flags or banners are an immediate way to capture the attention of passersby  due to their high visibility. These banners also immediately portray the professional image of your business to existing and potential customers. After billboards, banners are some of the biggest and best print advertising investment  a business can have, and they are guaranteed to have a high return on investment. Some businesses actually use banners as an alternative to light boxes.

The most popular of these flags are the Tear drop or shark fin banners which, like the name says, are in the shape of a tear drop. Most of the other banners have different shapes and sizes but basically serve the same purpose as tear drop banners, hence no need to get into much detail about them.

Below is a compilation of outdoor banners we do supply:

Tear drop bannersshark fin banner

For teardrop banners we  supply 2m, 3m and 4m sizes.

Single or Double sided
Includes Fibre rods, Metal ground spike and carry bag


Ecosurf banners3fc850edb964a574d8f3f501158a497ea59eb538_1_v

We supply:

Small: 2.4m high x 0.76m wide
Medium: 3.4m high x 0.76m wide
Large: 4.5m high x 0.76m wide

Supplied with an Aluminium pole with fibreglass tip, metal stake and carry bag

Telescopic bannerstelescopic banner

We supply in 3m, 4m and 5m.

Supplied with aluminium frame work, metal stake and carry bag

Cluster flags / Flag fountainCluster flags

This involves 4 x Single Sided Telescopic flags one central base supplied in carry bags. We supply these in 3m and 4m sizes.

These are also known as flag fountains.

These attantion- grabbing banners can be set up or taken down with minimal effort, usually in less than 5 minutes.

Cluster flag system provide high visibility in a restricted area and are suited for both outdoors as well as in doors.

A- frameRectangle-A-Frame-Banner

This involves 2 x pvc prints with aluminium a-frame unit supplied in a carry bag. The bars are detachable making the unit mobile, since you can easily dismantle the bars.

A-frame banners are ideal for highlighting forthcoming events, directing the public, advertising special offers, functions and much more.

A-frames can also be used showing three sides if standing vertically.

We supply a-frame banners in either 2 x 1m or 3 x 1m
Supplied with ground pegs and carry bag

Bunting flags


These are A4 triangular or rectangular flags running on a rope. Our minimum is 10meters. These are commonly found at parties and events.


We can either supply multicolour bunting flags or we can design your artwork and print bunting which are customized for your business.







Pop up banners

This type of banner is light in weight, weather resistant and very durable.

They  can also easily fold down in to a zip-up tote bag, thus making them easily portable.

Can be placed horizontally with 2 faces or vertically with 3 faces.

Popup banners are mostly used at events, trade shows ,

beaches, sporting events, as well as outdoor advertising on sidewalks.

We only supply them as 1.2 diameter for 2m x 1m, as well as 3m x 1m.

Supplied with ground pegs and carry bag

PVC Banners

We supply PVC banners as from any size, usually  on a per meter basis.

These banners are mostly used for events and outdoor advertising, but can also be used indoors.

PVC banners are very portable and extremely durable. If for outside purposes we can supply with a 5 year UV varnish as an option.

One may or may not opt for having eyelets on these banners, which are openings to allow some rope in, so that the banner can hang on a wall or be tied to a fence.

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