50 Creative places to put stickers

By   September 17, 2015

Sticker advertising is a unique, and yet, very powerful way to get your brand out there. Not only is it cost effective, but stickers are also for long term use, which works very well for branding your business. The good news is you can adapt vinyl stickers to suit any style you choose, all you need is a little bit of out the box thinking to get your message across the best way possible.

As long as you have a flat dry, smooth surface, there are plenty options available for where one can place vinyl stickers. Their dynamic nature, makes it easy, and provides more options for out of the box marketing strategies, since you can make stickers of almost any size, and basically, any shape you can think of. If for advertising your business brand, where you place stickers would have to be carefully planned, as one needs to have a proper sticker strategy, otherwise your efforts would amount to almost nothing, or worst yet, they might back fire. Speaking of which, try to exercise some caution when handing out stickers, as you may never know where they end up, especially if distributing to children.

 car stickers

Since children like playing with stickers, and sticking them anywhere, it would be an advantage for greater distribution, compared to handing stickers to adults. The downside however, may be that the stickers, may end up on other people’s cars, shops or other property without their consent, and you may end up having calls from angry people, and in worst case scenarios, being sued for trespassing, or vandalism, all of which can negatively affect your brand, especially if people have to associate your business with the burden and frustration of having to remove your stickers from their property. There are also laws governing sticker placing, and in most parts of the world, it would be illegal to place stickers on municipal property, as this would be viewed as littering.

Back to the upside, you can place your stickers on places that are so unique, and would not otherwise be considered ad space. Also, stickers are more receptive than flyers if distributing to passers by. Sticker can be handed out at networking events as alternatives to/ together with business cards. You can also stick them to products,or accessories you sell, or repair, or just hand them to customers you serve.

Below is a list of some places you, your customers/ workers can use for placing your personal or business advertising stickers:

  1. Office doors
  2. Products ( e.g a computer sales shop would put their stickers on all machines for sell, parts and/ or accessories)
  3. Vehicle bumpers (taking advantage of traffic jams)
  4. Cell phones / cell phone cases
  5. Windows
  6. Floors ( such as, in retail store promotions with foot prints leading to the sale area)
  7. Bulletin boards
  8. Vehicle windows/ windscreens
  9. Vehicle body
  10. Mirrors
  11. Laptops ( for Macbooks please see this post for creative decals)
  12. Tablets
  13. Folders
  14. Envelopes
  15. Coolers
  16. Walls ( we can also do wallpaper)
  17. Motorcycle
  18. Helmets
  19. Mountain bike
  20. Surf boards
  21. Water bottles
  22. Coffee mugs
  23. Lunch box (metal ones work best)
  24. Kitchen storage jars
  25. Strollers
  26. Jars of canned goods
  27. Wine, soda, or other bottled drinks (customize them for your wedding, birthday, or gift recipient)
  28. Pet dishes
  29. Coffee maker / espresso machine
  30. Computer monitor
  31. MP3 player
  32. Diaries
  33. Gift boxes
  34. Day planners
  35. Storage drawers & boxes
  36. Pencil boxes
  37. Beer fridge
  38. Front doors
  39. Cupboards
  40. Picture frames
  41. Headboards
  42. Power toolswall stickers
  43. Table tops
  44. Lamp bases
  45. Flower pots
  46. Bicycles
  47. Skateboards
  48. Kid’s car seat
  49. Locker
  50. Mailbox

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