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Vinyl signage (vinyl cutting and printing)

Vinyl signage (vinyl cutting and printing)

Vinyl Printing / Signage Vinyl printing is a specialty here at Ideal Design & Print, as we print our own vinyl in house, alongside t-shirt printing, of course. This is as opposed to invoice books, flyers and business cards which we outsource, and hence, really do not have much control over, besides relying on our… Continue reading »

Stickers for branding: 7 Advantages of stickers over flyers

Vinyl Stickers Vinyl stickers are one unique way to get your business out there. Although they are small in size, usually, never underestimate the power one or a few vinyl stickers have as they can literally transform your business if used strategically. Vinyl stickers are an out of the box strategy which can put your… Continue reading »

50 Creative places to put stickers

Sticker advertising is a unique, and yet, very powerful way to get your brand out there. Not only is it cost effective, but stickers are also for long term use, which works very well for branding your business. The good news is you can adapt vinyl stickers to suit any style you choose, all you… Continue reading »