Vinyl signage (vinyl cutting and printing)

By   January 14, 2016

Vinyl Printing / Signage

Window decals

Vinyl printing is a specialty here at Ideal Design & Print, as we print our own vinyl in house, alongside t-shirt printing, of course. This is as opposed to invoice books, flyers and business cards which we outsource, and hence, really do not have much control over, besides relying on our trusted suppliers’ promise. As such is the case, we not only guarantee best prices for vinyl cutting , but we also promise outstanding quality and the shortest possible lead time.

wall art

There are different types of vinyl printing so for this post in particular, I will just touch on the three types of vinyl print which we do, that is, vinyl tshirt printing, vinyl lettering and decals , as well as, vinyl stickers and labels. The first two are in actual fact vinyl cutting, which we do ourselves, but as for the stickers and labels, these are digitally, litho or laser printed and hence, are outsourced. I will expand more on the three categories and then go on to explain the differences between stickers and decals.

Vinyl T-shirt printing

vinyl t-shirt printing
printed hoody

There are very many different types of vinyl which are used for t-shirt printing and vinyl t-shirt printing alone forms the majority of the t-shirts sold by designer labels. Vinyl t-shirt printing is mostly used where one needs to print text, logos, or images with a few colours. As such is the case, vinyl printing is the perfect alternative to screen printing as the print quality is also permanent. Contrary to what most people think, that vinyl is printed onto a t-shirt, in actual fact, vinyl is cut, and then pressed onto t-shirts, forming a high quality cut out print.

As for t-shirt printing, we mostly print smooth vinyl, however, we can also print metallic vinyl, neon, glitter, holo, glow in the dark, as well as, flock vinyl, which is mostly used in  custom hoody printing as the flock material is similar to the material for hoodies. There is in actual fact no difference between designer hoodies bought at shops and printed hoodies we supply, unless of course if the design is embroidered, which we do not currently do.

Vinyl decals and window lettering

window lettering

We can create vinyl decals for your creative wall art, window lettering for your business front door(s), billboards, as well as,  car decals for both personal use and brand exposure.

From window lettering with your company details to logo displays for your shop front or walls, we have you covered. Whether you want a sign that says “back in 15 minutes”, or if you want to display your opening and closing times, or even the contact information for your shop/ office , window lettering is the best way to go about it. If you are willing to go a step further, you can even have footstep floor decals leading to your sale section, or dog paws in the direction of the pet food section.

car decals

Vinyl car decals are a strong visible branding tool (especially when one is stuck in traffic) with high returns to investment. For a relatively low initial investment you can have vinyl decals lasting from 3 to 10 years. Imagine how many eyeballs would have seen your vehicle during such a time period. Besides decals, as for car décor we can also supply you with transparent stickers or if you prefer,we can even supply you with weather resistant reusable car magnets which you can remove and paste back on as and when you need to.

Vinyl stickers and labels


Vinyl stickers are the “everyday” stickers we come across, which are decorated in a variety of colours, and in most cases the designs are printed in full colour. Stickers may also be blank, just like the gold star stickers which preschool children receive for doing well in school. Labels are those which cover or decorate products, such as wine labels. We can assist you if you are interested in getting stickers and / or labels printed, even though we would have to outsource the production. For stickers, the lead time would usually be 1-2 working days; labels, on the other hand, may take some time as these are usually printed in bulk, hence the longer production cycles.

Differences between stickers and decals:

Most people use the terms “stickers” and “decals” interchangeably, however, these two are different from each other. The following are some of the differences between the two:

decalsSticker and decal durability

Decals can last for years of outdoor exposure, whilst stickers are mostly for short term use. We supply both  3-5 year vinyl as well as 5-10 year vinyl. These decals have very strong adhesives, and that is why you do not see people worry that much if a bumper sticker begins to peel off, but they would, however, mind if their car or boat graphics began to lift from the surface.


window decals

The “foundation layer” bears a major difference between stickers and decals,while the cheaper “stickers” use a paper base, decals, on the other hand utilize a vinyl (plastic) base. This is the primary reason that decals last much longer when exposed to harsh conditions.

How they are made.

A sticker is computer generated & printed in a single application. A decal is a single layer of computer cut vinyl, that can be applied with multiple layers to make a multicolour design. Just to clarify, the former is printed on either using laser or ink-jet printers, whilst the latter does not make any use of ink, or is not printed, but rather cut.

car sticker

Application differences

Whereas with a sticker, one has to just peel off the printed sticker from the foundation base and apply it, when it comes to decals, there is need for masking or application tape which is used to keep separate parts of the decal(s) in position while applying to the surface. After the decals are cut out and weeded, they are removed from the plastic base using the tape, placed on the surface and then carefully, the masking tape is removed, leaving behind your beautiful work of art.

Vinyl application

vinyl application

After we carve that designed sticker to your desired size, we can even apply it for you. Vinyl application is relatively easy but in case you are afraid you get it wrong, or perhaps you do not want to mess up your 5 or so year investment by making sure everything goes right , we are happy to help. We apply vinyl stickers at the most reasonable rates.

vinyl tshirt

In order for us to determine your vinyl printing/ cutting requirements, please specify the colour(s) of the sticker(s) you want printed, that is, whether you are looking for a single colour custom sticker, a very few basic colours, or perhaps you are interested in full colour printed stickers. Also, please specify the sticker sizes and quantities. As for vinyl t-shirt printing, please specify the size of the print area, the print colour(s), as well as, how many t-shirts you would like printed. For a quote please contact us, and we would gladly assist you.

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